The FX Program content is the most complete program we've offered and has been changed and expanded upon to achieve the fullest learning experience. The following is an explanation of the new program and direction. 

We have revised the program to create far more value, in the long term, and create lasting access to the workshop and Pro Traders Club information. The live workshops were never created or intended to be miracle weekend events. Learning to trade requires an intensive curriculum of substance that facilitates optimal learning based on the uniqueness of each individual and their goals. 

Access to the full structured program is now going to be exclusive. We were never about the numbers, rather doing what we can to help a participant’s keen willingness to learn. 

In 2018, we've made the following additions that will really support better learning. 

The content that is covered in the live event, only covers a fraction of the full program. In addition to the conversion of information contained in the manual, in great detail, throughout the recordings, I make cross reference to live charts and interactive scenarios bringing the concepts into real life. Of course, real life scenarios applying the methods are also seen in the huge PTC teaching archive, as well, including recorded live trades, live sessions and the sharing of our positions taken.

The course/content is turning out to be quite large and I'm very keen to have the opportunity to make it available. At present, the Price Action Course material, alone, is more than 70 hours of recorded
material. The content is also supported and complimented by the many hours of Pro Traders Club recordings, available. The amount of content does not mean that it is complex and difficult, rather the material is designed to connect with many dimensions of thinking to reach a broader spectrum of psychological profiles. The real value of the program is in the Online Price Action Course and Pro Traders Club. On our end, we need to manage the long-term costs to maintain the program, so we have no
flexibility on the program fee. Furthermore, what we like about making the content available online is that we will not hurry through any of the important material, as may happen at the live event. Rather, in the online curriculum, we have taken the necessary amount of time to explain concepts, in detail, and apply the concepts in live interactive time.It should also be noted that we will have security of the online content dialed up, tightly. Any sharing of access to the content will result in termination.

More Information on the Program Material

Chris' material is of the highest standard, covering all aspects of the foreign exchange market from fundamentals and long-term positions to his most specific day trading models built on price action. Chris shares his experience, in depth, on interbank pricing consistencies and behaviors based on core pricing patterns. The program is designed to connect your psychological profile to building a comprehensive development plan and a proficient trading and risk model that is your own. Traders can either model Chris’ way of trading, or they can use the information to integrate a deeper understanding of market structure into their own models.

Some of the concepts taught in The Full FX Program:

  • Structure and function of Interbank liquidity engines, how the feeds are delivered to you and what that means for human behavior and price action.
  • Breaking down price action and its relationship to one individual and the masses. Geometric Fractal and price patterns of scale. In simple terms, relative price action of self-similarity on all time scales and how to adapt the patterns into defined trades.
  • Price disparities, inefficiencies and volatility. How to read the changes in flows through price action. A deep study in price behavior. Price action is far deeper than a candlestick formation!
  • The anatomy of a price swing - breaking down price volatility in a price swing and finding trades.
  • A study on the anatomy that is consistent (fractal) in short and long-term price moves.
  • How price action converts into taking and managing trades
  • Building a custom trading and risk model for the independent thinker.
  • By engaging in a custom development process of internalizing market behavior, you are naturally merging your unique psychological profile to your specific trading model. 
  • Trading exercise protocol designed to profoundly internalize your understanding of price movement and market behavior. This segment integrates and applies everything you've learned about price behavior, designed to make you a trader to the core. We show you the price behavior and how to understand it, in detail, so you can execute and manage trades with precision.
  • When to get in. How to get in. Why to get in. How to manage positions. Risk profile. 
  • Fundamentals, trading psychology, process thinking, trader development plan, and more.

The price behavior based approach to trading will provide you with a virtually timeless understanding of price and volatility. When you understand price behavior in relation to the global marketplace, volatility, time of day and other critical factors, then you will be prepared to develop a model and define your place in the FX market. Price behavior is also the foundation to Chris' longer term trades that involve considerations for fundamental factors like, rate spreads, economic divergence, etc. 

Most traders are lead down the wrong path when they enter into the financial markets. A common misconception is to learn a "Tools and Rules System" or "strategy" currently used by a successful trader and believe that, if only they employ the "system" in exactly the same way, the same result (success) will be achieved. This approach will never breed success in trading, because the aspiring trader has little or no understanding of the underlying foundation of market function. This leaves the trader with no alternative but to seek other options.  The only path to success in trading is by designing a detailed development plan with the goal of establishing a specific set of parameters (trading/risk model) that guide your trading decisions. You must engage in the interactive and discovery experience of developing the parameters for your trades. Building a comprehensive approach to the market is critical to long term success. The trading model will be customized to your unique psychological profile, because YOU built it!

Our job is to show you the intimate details of very specific price behaviors that are the foundation to the FX market. We will take you from the sell side desk flows, through the interbank market and how these flows are reflected on your computer screen. We show you the consistencies of behavior, the why and where we get in. But that does not take away your responsibility to learn it yourself. There is no short cut. We guide you through the learning process, so you don't have to spend years trying to figure it out, yourself. You are leveraging our experience to accelerate your trading development. 

Intraday Trading - We are Volatility Traders

Price Patterns/Behaviors are leading indicators that will show you precisely where a high probability trade can present itself in the future. The approach is unconventional to traders accustomed to lagging indicator type systems and mathematical models developed by someone other than ones-self. Indeed, lagging indicators can have their place in trading, but high probability set ups are in the hands of traders empowered with an intimate understanding of price action, who identify market levels in advance of price. We're not talking about the commonly labeled patterns, rather distinguishable repeated price characteristics connecting price delivery with the psychology of the market broken down to the finest level.

Indicators: Chris does not use lagging indicators in his trading, although they can have their place in trading and can be used with some success by those who created the parameters and put them through rigorous testing. In Chris' trading approach, price is the primary parameter, while all other reference tools are secondary. 

The Trading Models and Long-Term Positions

In trading, there is a huge continuum between the fundamental trader and the technical trader. Chris uses both technical and fundamental models to guide his trading decisions. The fundamental models are driven by views on monetary policy and the interest rate environment to guide longer term decisions. Intraday trades are governed by price behavior (technical) and less influenced by the fundamental environment. Chris will show you how to balance the two and specifically what to look for on both ends of the continuum.

Furthermore, all the content is pulled together in the Pro Traders Club video reviews that you will be able to access following the workshop. In the PTC, he shows you what trades he is taking and why.

Entry Methods and Position Management

Chris' unconventional order entry methods, alone, have changed the end game for many of his students. While a separate module is set aside for order entry techniques, Chris will integrate the methods into the range of teachings on price behavior and patterns.

In the order entry module, the two ultimate questions; When do I get in? How do I get in?... will be answered, in depth. 

The Bank Trading Environment, Monetary Policy and Interest Rate Spreads

Most developing traders want to be part of a community; they want to know what professionals are doing and have access to information and resources that will lead to consistent trading performance. We will share a brief insight into the banking environment. In the online preparation course, Inside the Banks, there will be a review of the fundamental and technical considerations made by the world’s largest FX traders, so you get a sense of what is driving the FX sector mindset.

We understand that many of you have no interest in the fundamental space of the foreign exchange market. Even the most successful quant's and technical traders know the importance of understanding the fundamentals in driving price and volatility.

In the pre-course study, you will study some core fundamentals that are critical to understand what drives micro and macro FX volatility. If fundamentals do not interest you, then you probably will have a tough go in this market. We consider this information essential for those who want to be position traders or diversify the FX risk in their portfolio. We will also discuss other critical aspects of what drives price and inter-market relationships.

From a practical standpoint, Inside the Banks Course, will walk through sample bank analyst’s reports and learn how to draw out the important fundamental drivers relevant to what price is doing and why. Students will be taught how to apply this in your trading models and protocol and enhance your overall market knowledge. Once you increase your knowledge of this material, you will reflect, and be amazed at how vulnerable you were as a novice trade, as you are propelled to a higher level of competence.

We also review bank analysts reports in Pro Traders Club reviews and draw relevance to current price action. 

Critical Psychological Factors Every Trader Must Know about Themselves

Psychological development as a trader is more than understanding the fear/greed emotional ties with market volatility and gyrations in your account equity. It is critical to understand the macro psychological framework in your development as a trader. A trader’s psychological profile should develop through a specifically designed protocol concurrent with one’s implementation of processes and parameters. We will integrate key psychological components into the overall class content in a manner that effects each attendee on a personal level. We will discuss the key factors in proper development of your psychology. As well, this is great subject matter for Pro Traders Club Q&A. 

...This content will completely change the way you see trading

A note from a PTC member…

Let me tell you that 2018 will be my 3rd year in the world of trading and I'm really excited to start it in PTC. since most of my progress and development as a trader has come the last 3 months since I've joined PTC. I've learned more in 3 months of PTC than 2 years by myself.. Not only that, but some concepts about process, method, development and psychology you share are tools that will live with me forever, ready to use them in every aspect of life I try to improve.  

I can only thank you for what you do. 

Merry Christmas


Q: Why don't you have a long sales page with Christmas lights that implies trading profits are easy if I take your course? 

Trading is a serious business, and anyone interested in its pursuit should realistically consider proper time and attention and a concrete development plan for lasting success.  If you develop the trader within you properly, the mindset becomes a part of you for your lifetime.

We do not teach a "system." While our learning and trading approach is process oriented, the value is in the depth and assembly of unique market and trading factors that can be adapted into a personalized trading model. 

Those of you who have followed our content know the answer to this question, but I'll post it anyway.   

How long before I'm profitable with your "System?"  

It's not a "System!"

Almost every trader enters into the market wanting to be told exactly how to trade. They want a set of tools (created by someone else so they don't have to think, or lack trust in their own abilities) to tell them when, where, how and why to get in the market and manage the trades.  They want a "system," so that's what the marketplace sells them. They soon learn that this perception on how to succeed in the market is simply ineffective. If you are not the creator of your method, you will be left with too many blind spots and no closer to success. At some point you will have to come to terms with the effort required to engage in a well-defined process and development plan to find your niche in the market.  

Your time to profitability will naturally depend on your time commitment and how well laid out your development process. The success stories range widely, but the committed ones tend to achieve good success, in due time.

 Q: Do you plan on trying to upsell us something, like software or anything?

NO. They do that at the workshops where you pay 5-10K USD. The only additional financial requirement is subscription to Pro Traders Club if you decide to continue beyond what is included in the program. We have to cover costs of admin and web portal hosting, maintenance, etc.  

Q: You are offering the most comprehensive program available, why are you not charging $5,000 USD for your workshops?   

We are aware that the cost for the program is low. In fact, it is as low as we can reasonably achieve. Our aim is to offer valuable education to retail traders at an achievable cost.  

If you think that the cost of the program is high, kindly and respectfully consider all the costs, time and effort involved in making this information available to you. We truly do not know how much longer we will maintain the workshops/PTC. We are now down to one workshop per year, the last two years. We're trying to simplify it. Thank you for your understanding.

Many traders would rather burn up a 5K account, and learn nothing, instead of investing 2K on education and a firm their peril. Rather, what you should do is spend 2K, to save 5K.

Q: Will you tell us "When to get in"

Well, that's not how you should be thinking if you intend to properly develop into a unique and independent thinking trader. The goal is to internalize market behavior so that the trader grows and lives within you and nobody can take it away. 
We will put you into a process to mentally and emotionally secure your connection with the market. In Pro Traders Club, there are many live trading examples of how the concepts are used to enter into the market and manage trades. We help you engage ina process to internalize market behaviors.
Q: Wow, that’s a lot of content! It’s too much to study, I want a 1,2,3 system.
Are you serious?

Trading in the off-exchange Foreign Exchange market (FX, Forex) is very speculative in nature, involves considerable risk and is not appropriate for all investors. Therefore, before deciding to participate in off-exchange Foreign Exchange trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Investors should only use risk capital when trading forex because there is always the risk of substantial loss. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Any mention of past performance is not indicative of future results. Account access, trade executions and system response may be adversely affected by market conditions, quote delays, system performance and other factors.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission: Futures, Options and foreign currency trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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