Pro Traders Club is a service that aims to develop traders into independent thinkers. Chris shares his experience, in depth, on interbank pricing consistencies and behaviors based on core pricing patterns. It is most suitable for Price Action traders. The approach focuses on connecting your psychological profile to your process of building a comprehensive development plan and a proficient trading and risk model that is your own.

Previously, Chris competed in four Olympic Winter Games and won the prestigious Overall World Cup Championship in the sport of bobsleigh. Chris totaled nine Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup final standings and accumulated twenty-two World Cup Medals during an outstanding bobsledding career. Chris was a model athlete in Canada where his success brought him celebrity status and high demand for appearances and endorsements, “back in the day”.

As an elite athlete and trader, it is clear that Chris harbors the psychological prowess and process centered approach that he acquired as a tenacious winner in Olympic sport, essential for success in trading.