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Pro Traders Club FX Education and Market Review Subscription 2019

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What's Inside the PTC? Take a look here.

Pro Traders Club member’s area provides video teaching content for developing and experienced Foreign Exchange traders.

Pro Traders Club is 8 years of archived sessions in (ave) 3x Weekly video education, analysis, QnA, psychology, development guidance, live sessions, interactive live trading examples and more, hosted by Chris Lori. Chris is 18 years in foreign exchange with experience in funds management and working through the leading investment banks.

Chris' trading approach is price action based. The longer term positions blend a framework that considers the fundamental market landscape, although entries and position management are based on technical factors.

Drawn from his institutional experience and study of price, Chris has a distinct understanding of institutional order flow, price delivery and price relationships. While we share exactly how we trade and explain (the why) details behind price behaviors and trades, the focus of PTC is to help you internalize the deeper elements of market structure and price behavior and develop you into an independent thinker and trader. The goal is to marry your unique psychological profile to that of market behavior, so you find your niche in the market and become your own trader with what you've learned.

Throwing a trading model or a "system" for you to copy does not work. You have to engage in a development process to realize any success. A solid trading model will only emerge from a good development plan. You need to be honest with yourself and take the proper steps. In this service, you have what you need to to gain an unparalleled comprehension of FX price behaviors and volatility dynamics. The technical teachings also apply to other assets.

Inside Pro Traders Club there is a Basics and Support Section to get you started. If you have questions (paid service only), simply provide a chart with your question on it and the question will be answered in detail in one of the following sessions or live session.

You can go through the 8 years of archived materials. We've made it easier for you by marking the videos that contain a good teaching session. There is also a spreadsheet to help you find the dates specific subject matter was discussed so you can review the video.

Try it out for a month, It is a low cost to check out 8 years of archived teachings. 

Pro Traders Includes

  • Average 3x weekly video recordings – Market reviews, teaching sessions, live trade examples, risk and trade model development, Q&A live webinar sessions and more.
  • 8 years of searchable archived recordings
  • Supplementary training section – base concepts (10+ hours)
  • Chat Room
  • Trader Development Series
  • Pyschology and Risk Series
  • FX Fundamentals

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