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Pro Traders Club Market Review Overview

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Pro Traders Club member’s area provides video teaching content for developing and experienced Foreign Exchange traders.

The Pro Traders Club content is offered to help you develop as a trader for long term sustainable success. The goal is for the trader to become an independent thinker by going through a properly structured process of development aiming to internalize the deeper elements of market structure, price delivery, price action and fundamental components. If youdon’t commit to a structured development process, you will meet failure. A sound trading and risk model will emerge only from a structured development process that finds the trader within and molds your unique psychological profile with market structure. Your trading model becomes your own.

Pro Traders Club video sessions (ave. 3x weekly) focus on both intra-day risk/trading models and long term positioning. The intra-day models are based largely on the function and patterns of interbank price delivery and geometric fractal. Long term positions combine fundamental and technical considerations. The PTC host will also share their long term base and structured positions taken with the investment bank, although this is not a “trade call” service.

Wherever you decide to learn the skill of trading, your goal is to methodically internalize your own trading skill and become an independent thinker.

Pro Traders Includes

  • Average 3x weekly video recordings – Market reviews, teaching sessions, live trade examples, risk and trade model development, Q&A live webinar sessions and more.
  • 6 years of searchable archived recordings
  • Supplementary training section – base concepts (10+ hours)
  • Chat Room
  • Trader Development Series
  • Pyschology and Risk Series
  • FX Fundamentals

Month to Month at $ 99.00 per month
* Please allow 24 hours for access